I finished all the preprocessing step for RAT resting state without any error message.

when Im checking Quality control of my data :

Im overlaying functional images on their structural image after co registration and normalization....its seems perfectly overlap

But when Im overlapping my functional and structural images with template that is provided in the template folder thee are not perfectly overlap.

do you know what might be the error ? just to let you know that i have resize my voxel by factor of 10 at the beginning

Warning message


Im running realignment step in rat , I have skipped the slice timing, the realignment step finished properly, but i got this warning message , should I worry about that ?

Warning: Run spm_jobman('initcfg'); beforehand
In spm_jobman at 107
In DPARSFA_run>(parfor body) at 795
In parallel_function>make_general_channel/channel_general at 927
In remoteParallelFunction at 38


is Dpabi compatible with Matlab2016 ?


Resampling Masks after preprocessing

Dear Dr. / Yan:

     I am using DPABI to process resting state data of mice. I used it for the preprocessing and it worked perfectly after changing the rat templateinto a mouse template. Now I am trying to calculate the ReHo, ALFF, fALFF, FC, ... maps, but the program always write ..(resampling masks of WM, GM and CSF). I checked theses masks in the template folder and appparently they belong to humans not rats. I used my own mask, but it still displays the same lines.


Different functional connectivity results

Dear all



I'm using DPARSF for 12 subjects. 

Today I found that in one subject, functional connectivity images from all 4 sessions of BOLD resting state fMRI have different image from others. 

Here I attached a screenshot, left one is different from right normal image. 

I did every analysis in same procedure and checked several times. 

It seems like participants moved during measurement, but when I checked a realignment parameter, movement is less than 0.5mm. 

DPARSF error during S2_FunImgARWSFCB

Dear all 
I'm using DPARSF for analyze resting state fMRI data from 12 subjects. 
I have an error message after smoothing, from only 1 subject. 
Error message :
Read these 3D EPI functional images. wait...
Read 3D EPI functional images: "/server/fo2-13/data/Dyspepsia/Control/dyspepsia_con6/Dy_06_HH/REST_Zoomit/S2_FunImgARWSFCB/Sub_001".Error using rest_spm_slice_vol
File too small.

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Hi, I haz request a new password, butI didnt receive an email with a new
so, I cant log in.
Thank you

DPARSF ROI definition

I m quite new for this field.
I m trying to choose simultaneously AAL and CC200 roi for ROI correlation
FisherZ matrix.
Finally I have 316x316 Matrix (AAL 116 and CC200).
For the next step I hope divide this for 2 matrices.
Which can I divide first 116 or 200 from 316 for each row and column ?

I appreciate any advice

Thank you


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