Two sample T test GRF


I'm running two sample T test between two group Control and Patient (FC Zmap), after correction with GRF ( voxel p

DPARSF not running

Dear all,

I am a new DPARSF user and I am very interested in using this software for the computation of quantities, such as ALFF and ReOH. I have loaded the data as required and input the parameters, but I get the following error (after the conversion to .nii):

Error using DPARSFA_run (line 599)
Using exist to check for a variable in the transparent workspace is not supported. To check for a
function, folder, file, or class, specify the appropriate second input argument to exist: 'builtin',
'class', 'dir' or 'file'.

Thank you very much

Dear Mr.

Thank you very much for your help.
But I can't change the Starting Directory Name from"FunRaw" at the lower
If you know the means of solving, please teach me.

fMRI data preprocess

regress out covariates 出错


Re: Bressanone 2017. A conference that may interest you.

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Information in Affine, Tr, VG, VF


I´m working in a code (adapting an existing one) to go from native space to
standard space in un-normalized subjects, and i would like to know what
kind of information is stored in these matrix and structures, Affine, Tr,
VG, VF found in _seg_sn.mat.

Many thanks in advance.
Inalinda Fonseca.

error in dpabi for data processing

Dear all and Yan:

I'm using DPARSF 4.1 Advanced Edition and V4:Calculate in MNI space (warp by Dartel) based on SPM8 and Matlab 2010a to process data. However,there are some errors:

FunImgARglobalCovs without any results

and error information is that:

Running 'Smooth'

Done    'Smooth'


Moving Smoothed Files:fALFF_FunImgARCW OKMoving Smoothed Files:ALFF_FunImgARCW OK


          Extracting ROI signals...??? Error using ==> y_ReadAll at 60

Re:Re: [RFMRI] Normalization Rat with T1 template

you may use T1 to normalizate

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