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 Dear Chaogan,

  I have a problem during doing data preprocessing using dpabi. The data is okay at the files under FunImgR (the first image below). However, it became pixelized starting from FunImgRC (the second image).  Any idea of what could have gong wrong? Thanks. 





5. The author should check and calculated the head motion issue (such as FD and DVARS), otherwise, how to control the head motion issue, even authors had applied regression of nuisance covariates.


iam beginner in resting state fMRI

dear DPABI team,

 Iam beginner in use DPABI . I need your help to know how to define  ROI ?

2nd question how to get values of ALFF, fALFF,ReHO

 i attached the results of statistical anlysis

how i can report my results

with my regrads,


negative numbers for time courses

Dear R-fMRI Network team,
I am looking at the ROI Signals_ xxx which outputs the time courses for each ROI and I am surprised that some of these numbers are negative? Could you please explain why that would be the case?
With kind regards,

cannot extract measures from sample matrices

Can anybody answer the query I posted below one week ago? I also neglected to mention that the error messages below are printed to the matlab terminal.




Cell contents reference from a non-cell array object.


Error in GraphVar_getDialogData>check_StructureName (line 339)

if isscalar(handles.vpNamesNeo{2})



Error in GraphVar_getDialogData (line 82)




Error in GraphVar_calc (line 29)

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roi wise分析生成矩阵的相关问题



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