Values of sm* ReOh maps

Dear experts,

I computed ReOh maps for some patients and controls in DPARSFA (running the participants all together, hence with the same processing settings) and got maps where the values are not between [0 1], is this correct? I expect having values between 0 and 1 due to the computation of KCC. I obtain values between 0 and 1.6/1.8.

Please advice if correct,

Thank you,

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Bianca De Blasi

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ReOH and ALFF maps

Dear experts,

I am wondering whether you can give me more information about ReOh and ALFF maps or suggest some references where I can get the following information:

1) What are the typical ranges and inter subject variability of ALFF and ReOH maps?

2) Do I need to intensity normalise the maps output from DPARSFA for the ALFF and ReOh or can I use the m* output directly in the statistical analysis? If intensity normalisation is needed, could you suggest by what intensity value (whole brain, gm value)?




error reporting when permutation test or utilities

Dear all,

I tried to perform the mixed effect analysis with PALM, checking TFCE option. But after loading images, matlab reported:
??? Error using ==> palm_takeargs at 1133
Unknown option: "H:\fMRI\dpabi\dayXgroup\Temp\Design.csv"

Error in ==> palm_core at 33
[opts,plm] = palm_takeargs(varargin{:});

Error in ==> palm at 81

Error in ==> y_GroupAnalysis_PermutationTest_Image at 102


the interface incompetence of DPABI viewer

Dear YAN CG:
In DPABI V2.2, I cannot find the function of "Apply a mask for additionally thresholding". The picture are compared as follow.

In this picture, we can find the function of "Apply a mask for additionally thresholding" marked in red frame.

But in my installed DPABI, it is none.

What's wrong with my DPABI software?
Look forward to your soonest kind reply.


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