Hello, thank you for the wonderful effort at packaging the surface and volume based processing pipelines into one package.

One quick request for the package - Please include the RSFA measure

Error in timepoints for preprocessed data in DPARSF V2.1

Dear Expert,

I am running rs-fMRI demo data provided on your website for 3 subjects on DPARSF V2.1  for ALFF and ReHo calculation. I preprocessed data till smoothing on SPM12 running on Matlab R2016a. After preprocessing I put all the data in FunImgNormalizedSmoothed folder. For detrending and filtering when I use DPARSF V2.1, I am getting an error for timepoints (screenshot attached). 

Any help would be appreciated.

DPABI output- ROIsignals.text differences

Dear Experts,
I re-ran 2 subjects through DPABI using the same parameters and ROIs that I used for the same two people that I ran as part of a larger group ( n=50).
When I compare the output folders FunImgARCFWS_ROISIGNALS/ROISIGNALS_subjectx of the same person, the ROI time courses look very different, even though I used the same parameters as before.
Would you know why that is? I can only imaging that in my prior analysis these two subjects were run as part of a different group? Does the ROISignals .text output gets normalized according to the included subjects?

error when use Permutation test



我使用的dpabi版本是V3.1, MATLAB2017,WINDOWS 系统。


error after slice timing


preprocessing-pixelized image


 Dear Chaogan,

  I have a problem during doing data preprocessing using dpabi. The data is okay at the files under FunImgR (the first image below). However, it became pixelized starting from FunImgRC (the second image).  Any idea of what could have gong wrong? Thanks. 





5. The author should check and calculated the head motion issue (such as FD and DVARS), otherwise, how to control the head motion issue, even authors had applied regression of nuisance covariates.


iam beginner in resting state fMRI

dear DPABI team,  i need your help to know how to define  ROI for prefrontal brain cortex?

2nd question how to get values of ALFF for each individual  , i attached ALFFmap of one individual?

with my regrads,



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