Some reviewers' questions for comments

Dear Sir,

    Our articles was recently repaired and we have several reviewer questions that I would kindly ask your assistance with and which relate to the use of your very valuable Restplus toolbox.


Hi DPABI team,



Predefined Types:

Failed Model Estimation --- There is no significant Voxels ?

During Preprocessing of Image Data, many of us face problem of Model Estimation and failed to extract significant voxels,  i raised this question on the forum of Researchgate,  i am sharing it here, so anyone facing problem of Model Estimation may find useful answers and methods to overcome this problem.   heres the Link:  


Thank You

Tamoor Malik

Yunnan University



some questions regarding the preprocessing steps

Hi experts,
I am using DPABI to perform Functional Connectivity. I have some questions regarding the preprocessing steps.
1)Does Preprocessing steps order matter for performing Functional Connectivity analysis? and which are the recommended preprocessing steps? because I have seen different groups used different steps order (e.g., FunImgARWCSDFB, FunImgARCFWS, FunImgARCWSF, etc)


While I input the data for fMRI into DPARSF in matlab, then clicked "run" button, outcomes could not be produced. Warnings often pop out . what are  the reasons?  look forward to  expertise:)

Asking Professor Yan for advice from a doctor

   Using the DPARSF for first time, I have few knowledge of  it.
    so confusions as follows exist:
   I have a query on whether basic version of DPARSF could process all signals for fMRI well? 
   Where the advanced vesion of DPARSF can be downloaded?


Hello, thank you for the wonderful effort at packaging the surface and volume based processing pipelines into one package.

One quick request for the package - Please include the RSFA measure


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